The interiors of Hatu temple

Hatu temple in Narkanda

The Hatu temple in Narkanda, Shimla is one of the most sought after motorable peaks in Himachal. It is a favourite destination for all the bikers. In winters, however due to heavy rainfall this place gets disconnected from outer world. The temple is situated at the highest peak and offers a spectacular view to the tourists.

The renovation work of the temple has been in progress since past many years and is still going on. This marks the hard efforts put by the workers in its construction in all these years gone by.  The magnificent artistry done on wood is exceptional. The intricate carvings make the interior of the Hatu temple magnificent and a timeless piece of art.

Inside view of Hatu temple, Narkanda

The above picture is an inside view of the temple which has different forms of Goddess Durga, placed in beautifully carved windows (Jharokhas) of the wood. In the front below is the idol of Goddess Hatu placed in a well decorated altar. It has two lions carved out of wood on either side. They really look very attractive. It is believed that Goddess Durga rides on a lion. Here in the picture we have a glimpse of the priest performing the daily rituals in the temple.

Beautiful interior of Hatu temple

This photograph is of the right side outer wall of the main temple which has carvings of various Gods and Goddess like Lord Shiva and Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman and many others. The carving is done on deodar wood which gives it an excellent finish and a wonderful appearance.

If you get a chance to visit Narkanda, make sure you visit Hatu temple. Its serene environment is good for mind as you experience peace and that is what we all want in life, even if it is for few moments, free from life’s clutter just for you.

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