Pictures of Shimla in olden times

                                             Mall Road, 1870 

Mall Road of Shimla, 1870

This photograph is of Shimla’s Mall Road in 1870. The road which was earlier just a country road had already developed well by this time, but after this the Mall road developed phenomenally thanks to the British, who took a very keen interest in developing the whole area as they wanted  a place, where they can feel at home and Shimla was perfect for it because of its cool climatic conditions. So British found one more destination in India to  escape from the hot and humid plains. Shimla with its tall deodar and pine trees really bewitched them and this led to the further growth of the Mall Road of Shimla.

                                             Lakkar Bazar, 1892 

Lakkar Bazar, 1892

This picture is of Lakkar Bazar of 1892 and in the picture you can see the public in market, engaged in their day to day life activities. It is said that a large community of wood artisans came from Hoshiarpur in Punjab and settled down here. And slowly the wooden artifacts and other wooden items made by these artisans became popular with the visitors and the place finally came to be known as Lakkar Bazar, which is till this date is very popular for its wooden souvenirs and wooden artifacts among the tourists.

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