Ghee Siddus- a popular Himachali Cuisine

Well, continuing our exploration of Himachali cuisines, this time we have picked-up the famous recipe of siddus . This is the favorite delight of the pahari (hilly region) people. Siddus are generally made in winters, when there is snow and weather very cold.

Himachali cuisine- SiddusThe posth and the ghee (clarified butter) provide fat and maintain the body temperature during excessive cold and snow. Siddus tastes great but its familiarity is limited as compared to other Indian cuisines.

Read how to make siddus.


wheat flour                                                                          1/2 kg

white poppy seeds (posth dana)                              1 bowl

jaggery crushed or sugar                                              1/2 bowl

salt                                                                                              to taste


grinded split bengal gram (chana dal)                   1 bowl

onion chopped                                                                    1-2

green chilli                                                                             to taste

chopped corriander leaves                                         1/4 bowl

Initial preparations

Knead about 1/2 Kg wheat flour in water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder in it. Leave the dough over night. In the morning it will become light and fluffy.

For the batter

Take about one bowl of white poppy seeds (posth dana) and heat it in a pan for some five minutes with continuous stirring. Let it cool and then grind it in a mixer.

Siddu's ingredient- white poppy seedsDivide the mixture in two parts add salt to one and crushed jaggery or sugar to the other part. This way you can prepare sweet as well as salted siddus at the same time.

For the siddus

Make small balls with the dough and stuff it with posth dana mixture of your choice. Boil water in the flat bottom container and place a sieved plate on it. Place the siddus in it and cover with a tight lid. Steam them for about 15-20 minutes. Remove from the steamer and slightly brown the surfaces on a heated tawa. Siddu is ready.

You may serve it with ghee (clarified butter), dal makhani (black gram) or rajmah (red kidney bean).

Siddu's ingredient- Split Bengal gram batterThe stuffing of posth dana can be substituted for overnight soaked and then grinded split Bengal gram (chana dal). You can add chopped onions, salt, chilli and green coriander leaves to the grinded dal and then mix the batter thoroughly.

The variety in this dish tastes excellent; it keeps up to the tradition of the country people of the Himalayan region.

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