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Rice parantha with curd

What do you do with the leftover rice? Here is an interesting recipe to make your rice taste great at breakfast. This parantha is both wholesome and taste triggering. So just try and feel the taste.


  • Boiled/leftover rice                                  a bowl
  • Chopped Onion                                          1
  • Chopped coriander                                  1/4 bowl
  • Grated carrot/Radish                              1 each
  • Chopped fenugreek leaves                  1/2 bowl
  • Salt/Green chopped chili                       as per taste


  • Mix all the ingredients well with the help of a hand blender. Do not make it too smooth a paste.
  • The rice should just blend well with other ingredients, take two medium sized round balls of dough and now with the help of a rolling pin make two thin round rotis.
  • Place two spoonful of the mixture on one roti and spread it evenly as shown in the picture below.

Rice parantha

  • Cover the roti with the other roti and seal the sides by lightly pressing it.
  • Put it on a heated tava and roast until both sides are golden, you can apply little olive oil to the surface of the roti and allow it to crisp.
  • Eat it with butter/ curd or chutney, it tastes awesome.