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Hair and nutrition

These days hair problem is very common, especially among boys and girls in their teens.They suffer from all kind of problems related to hair like graying of hair, hair fall, splitting hair etc. The problems of hair is not restricted to only old age people, it includes people of all age groups.

Increasing levels of pollution in the air and poor dietary habits have really deteriorated the situation a lot; these conditions have a very damaging effect on the hair and by using only the fad products over the counter are not going to save your hair.

Let us discuss how good nutrition can play an important role in the grooming of hair. This important aspect of maintaining healthy and lustrous hair is taken very lightly by the people. The whole stress is given to the physical applications of products on the hair, which is not right, unless you do not have good nutrition, the chances of your having a good and healthy shinning hair is almost negligible. The living part of hair is under the scalp contained within hair follicle, where the network of blood vessels bring nutrition to the hair roots, making them robust and healthy, and if this nutrition becomes poor it results in the damaged hair.

A good balanced diet is important for a healthy body, and hair being a part of the body suffers too if there is a deficiency in the diet. Take notice of a few important vitamins and minerals which are necessary for healthy hair.

Biotin or vitamin 7

It is a very important water soluble vitamin which is necessary for cell growth and metabolic functions. It plays a vital role in keeping roots of hair strong and its deficiency can cause hair loss and hair brittleness and make the nails flaky.

It is said that the deficiency of biotin is very rare as it is synthesized by some bacteria in the stomach of human beings in enough quantity, but still it is better to be careful and the subject should consciously try to include the appropriate sources of biotin in reasonable amounts in his diet. Eat green leafy vegetables; peanuts and egg’s yolk , (do not eat the white matter of the egg as it is believed to reduce the amount of biotin in our body, but you can have it by cooking it lightly without overheating it.) these all are good sources of biotin.

Vitamins B6, B5 and B12

These vitamins are necessary for lustrous hair, prevention of hair fall and for reducing the dandruff.Try your best to achieve a good balanced diet so as not to have deficiency of these vitamins. The good sources of these vitamins are as follows.

B5: Corn, broccoli, legumes, soybean

B6: Vegetables, cereals, nuts, Bananas

B12: Eggs, milk and milk products

Vitamins A and C

Vitamin A and C helps in the production of sebum which has anti-inflammatory properties and also keeps our hair smooth. The good sources of these vitamins are:

A: All green leafy vegetables, carrot, papaya etc.

C: All citric fruits like orange, lemon, Indian gooseberry (amla), green chilies etc.


Our hair is made up of keratin which is build by the proteins. It gives structural strength to the hair and if there is deficiency of protein in the diet it makes hair weak and discolored, so be observant and always have protein rich diet but do not indulge in excess as it may prove harmful rather than doing any good. The good sources of protein are pulses, milk products, soybean etc.


The minerals which are vital for our hair are zinc, selenium and calcium. The selenium is good for conditioning of hair and zinc prevents hair fall. The good sources of zinc are nuts, almonds, cereals etc and of selenium are mushrooms, nuts, eggs and cereals. Please remember that zinc and selenium are needed by the body in trace quantities and its excess may cause toxicity in the body.

Calcium is needed for good growth of hair and its best sources are curd, low fat dairy products, almonds, hazelnut, broccoli, sesame etc

The role of iron in the body is very crucial as it is a part of hemoglobin protein, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body for respiration process. If this hemoglobin protein becomes deficient in iron, its oxygen carrying capacity diminishes, which affects the release of energy in the whole body including the hair roots and this makes the hair rough and dull in color.

Omega-3 fatty acids

It too plays a vital role in maintaining hair health. It is necessary for augmenting the original hair color and keeping smooth hair scalp. Few good sources of omega-3 fatty acids are canola oil, flaxseed oil and kiwifruit.

These all vitamins and minerals are necessary for good hair and all could easily become a part of your diet, if you stay aware of the kind of food you are eating. Along with the good diet, exercise well and have a sound sleep. This will go a long way in helping you to maintain a lustrous, healthy hair.