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Garlic for reducing Cholesterol


Health is not something which needs attention from time to time rather it is such an important issue which should be constantly monitored. One very important aspect of a good health is to keep one’s cholesterol level under check because it can lead to many fatal problems, which may pose a risk to your life. The heart attack and the brain stroke are the most fatal among other health problems, which are directly linked to the increased level of cholesterol.

If you are already having high cholesterol then every effort should be made to reduce it. First of all you must take your medicines and the diet prescribed by your doctor dutifully. And besides this, there is no harm in trying some home remedies which sometimes prove very beneficial.

Using raw garlic cloves can help you lower your cholesterol level. There are a lot of people who have been benefited from raw garlic. So, it’s worth a try. Take two pieces of raw garlic cloves every morning with water on an empty stomach. It is said to reduce serum level cholesterol and triglycerides levels.


But before putting them down the throat make sure you cut them into very small pieces, otherwise they may get stuck in your throat. Make sure you take raw garlic cloves, not cooked ones; the Garlic which you use in cooking loses its effectiveness because of heat, that’s why it does not have much impact on cholesterol. Follow this method in a routine and get yourself checked for cholesterol, if it works for you then you can always follow it whenever your cholesterol rise.

Ladies who are pregnant or have given birth to a child should not take garlic as it is a blood thinner and it might increase the chances of internal bleeding in them.