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Natural remedies for black hair

If you are fond of black hair but do not wish to use a hair color, then the only way of getting it is through natural resources. Take a look, as how to use fruit and leaves of mango tree and Indian Gooseberry to get black and shinning hair. Use these black hair tips regularly to get the desired results.

Indian gooseberry and Mango tree- Black hair tips

  1. Mix 2 tablespoon of powdered gooseberry in half a liter of water. Put some lemon juice in it (half a lemon). Wash your hair daily with it, your hair will become naturally black.
  2. Take 1 kg clarified butter (ghee), 250 gm liquorice (mulethi) and 1 kg gooseberry juice and heat them on a low flame. When all the water evaporates, preserve the mixture in a glass jar. Use frequent applications of this mixture on your hair. The color of your hair turn naturally black.
  3. Take some leaves from a soft branch of mango tree and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on your hair. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash with water. It will help in hair growth and turn them naturally black.
  4. Take some mango leaves and some green skin peel of unripe mango. Grind them together and mix it with oil. Keep the mixture in the sun in a glass jar for some time. This oil stops hair fall and turn hair naturally black.
  5. The oil of mango stone when applied to the hair turns white hair black and does not let black hair go white easily. It is also good for treating dandruff and stops hair fall.