Walk for healthy living

You must have heard many a times that ‘walking is good for health’. But, you are stuck in the same that knowing is better than practice and botheration is least, you might think ‘what the heck? I am physically fit and in good mental health, so there is no need for any kind of exercise   regimen’. It is only when the body starts showing signs of some problem that we come out of our deep slumber and we observe that something has gone wrong with the body.

Some people are so careless with their health that they do not even notice the signs and such a pity that point of realization comes only when it’s too late for any kind of action.

So, include some kind of physical activity in your daily routine to keep yourself fit. There is no better exercise than walking, to start your fitness program. It is the best form of cardio exercise, which is not arduous and is very easy to maintain.


We know this is the toughest part. To start and make a routine, when you are inactive since a very long time is a tough calling. First of all it is necessary to make a habit, which also doesn’t come easy. To begin with, daily go to the park or the place where you feel comfortable, walk for just 10-15 minutes, take a few strolls and sit there, do some deep breathing, enjoy your surroundings and then come back. Follow this for a few days and then start walking at uniform pace in a regulated manner for 15-20 minutes and then gradually increase your time.

Make your walking time at least 30 minutes and follow it. Once you have achieved the 30 minutes time, then increase it to 40- 45 minutes and maintain it. Time of 45 minutes’ walking is an ideal one to stick to.


A good sustained walking schedule can do wonders for our health. It strengthens the bones of our body. People suffering from arthritis or spondylitis benefit a lot from walking, if they stick to a fixed routine. Regular walking improves the body posture, reduces stiffness and also slows down the progression of these problems. But people suffering from arthritis or spondylitis should consult a qualified doctor before starting a routine walking program.

Walking reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) which is a cause of concern among a lot of people these days, as it can be life threatening.  At the same time walk increases the good cholesterol (HDL) which keeps you safe from cardiovascular diseases.

It helps in reducing stress and depression and elevates our mood; walk reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. It remarkably improves the general cognitive functions like memory, language and problem solving ability thus reducing the possibility of dementia and other very serious problem of Alzheimer’s disease. This also helps in reducing your body weight if you keep an eye on your diet.


When you walk your whole body’s weight comes on your feet and among a lot of people this weight is not evenly distributed on the feet. So it is best that before buying shoes, try them carefully so that you can choose the right kind of shoe for you.  Look for shoes which have a great flexibility and are well cushioned, with a fine arch.

Now let us discuss which type of clothes is preferred for walking. Clothing depends on the kind of weather outside. If the weather is chilly or extreme cold, wear clothes in layers, so that after some time of walking when your body warms-up you can easily take off the outermost layer of clothing, and are still protected from the cold. Wear half sleeves warmer just above the vest below other clothes, this will keep you warm and prevent you from getting cold.

If the weather outside is hot, wear clothes which absorbs sweat easily like cotton or a blend of cotton. Your clothing should be comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight.


Wear socks made- up of wool if the weather is cold. They are good for keeping your feet warm, and they dry very fast if they become wet. You can wear cotton socks also, they are also comfortable, but the problem is that when the feet sweat they retain the moisture and do not dry-up fast. Prolong exposure of feet to moisture laden socks may cause blisters on your feet. Whereas woolen socks dry-up fast.

In summers, wear cotton socks if your walking duration is not very long, and if it is vice versa ,then go for  socks which is a blend of cotton and some other fabric which has faster drying-up ability. The sure way of doing the right thing is to try all kind of fabric socks in different seasons, then settle for the right one.


Well, where you want to walk depends entirely on your choice and comfort but remember a few things. First is that if you want to walk on a road then early morning is better as later on traffic increases, which put your safety  at risk. Do not walk on the road while listening to music, as you may not hear the horns of vehicles and this may put your life in danger.

Walking in a park with a well laid track is very comfortable as you need not worry about traffic there and can go there any time. But for some people going to park becomes monotonous after some time as they hate walking in circles continuously.  You can choose these areas in rotation also, one day in the park and the following day on the road, likewise rotate it.


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