Kulth, known as ‘Horse Gram’ in English is a legume and has very good health benefits, if consumed on a regular basis. This bean has got good consumption in a few states of India. And people of these states cook it in different ways and cherish it a lot. This bean has a warming effect on the body, that’s why in northern India it is eaten in winters. It is said to keep away cold conditions like running nose and sneezing. Another very important benefit of Kulth, which is widely believed by a lot of people, is that regular usage of boiled extract of this bean prevents stone formation in the body.It is helpful in removing kidney stones through urine.

Preparing the bean soup is simple, pressure cook a bowl of Kulth with two glasses of water for 20 minutes on a low flame. Sieve the cooked beans and put some salt in the soup and have it hot. Take this soup regularly for a few days if you are down with cold, otherwise you can have it as per your own requirement. Eat the sorted beans also by sprinkling some salt on it but after a little while. People eat this bean as a part of their cuisine and it makes a very tasty curry, we will publish its recipe very soon on our blog. So by then, enjoy kulth soup and its health benefits.



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