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Treating cough and cold

We often fall sick because of cough and cold and end up popping in a lot of pills into our system. This is not good for our body as medicines always have some side effects. The best way to prevent and treat cough and cold progression is by using herbs. Take a look at a few natural remedies which are good for treating cough and cold.

  • Take about 100 gm of cardamom, 50 gm black pepper powder and 50 gm borax powder. Mix all these ingredients well in honey and add 50 gm ginger extract to it. Make a fine paste of it by mixing all the ingredients thoroughly and preserve it in a glass container.You may take a spoon of this paste three to four times a day to get relief from cough.
  • Heat some cardamom in a pan and make a fine powder of it. Keep the powder in a glass bottle. Mix it with honey in a spoon and have it whenever required.
  • Grate some ginger and collect the juice. Take twice the quantity of tulsi juice (basil leaves) and mix the two juices with mulethi powder (liquorice). Consume a spoon of the mixed paste 3-4 times a day to get rid of cough and chest pain due to coughing.