Mango Herbal Tea

A lot of people nowadays drink herbal tea regularly because of its medicinal properties. Herbal tea benefits are numerous; it not only increases immunity but also rejuvenates the body system. We should definitely make herbal tea a part of our daily beverages.

How about using mango leaves for preparing herbal tea. Well, take a look how to prepare the herbal drink.


Pluck 11 leaves of a mango tree, which have turned yellow naturally on the branch. Boil these leaves with 2 crushed cardamom and some big raisins (manaka) in about ½ a liter of water, until half the quantity is left. Add desired amount of sugar and milk. Bring it to a boil and the tea is ready to sip.

This Mango herbal tea benefits the whole body system and provides strength to all body parts.


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